What is ISNI?

ISNI stands for International Standard Name Identifier. It is an ISO identifier in the same family as ISBN, ISRC, ISSN and DOI. ISNI identifies authors, actors, singers, songwriters, photographers, filmmakers, and other contributors to creative or intellectual property. ISNI also identifies studios, labels, publishing companies, and other organizations.

Where is ISNI used?

ISNI is in use at Wikipedia, Musicbrainz, national libraries, and other publicly-accessible databases. It is also expanding into the book and music supply chains, to assist individuals and organizations in data accuracy, royalty tracking, and transparency efforts.

How do I apply for an ISNI?

You can go here and fill out an individual application, to be invoiced via Paypal. If you have more than 100 records, you can check our price list here, and email us for a consultation.

How much does ISNI cost?

An individual ISNI costs $25, and is payable using Paypal. Bulk prices are listed here.

Does my company need an ISNI?

If your company is a publisher, music label, recording studio, production company, or other creator of creative or intellectual property, then you’ll want to assign an ISNI to your company name to distinguish it from others that may have the same or similar names.

What if I use a pseudonym for my work?

Those who create under a pseudonym may register that name for an ISNI. If you wish to have your pseudonym known as an alternate form of your own name, you’ll get a single ISNI that applies to both names. If you wish to keep the identities separate, then two ISNIs will be needed. If you wish only to be known by your pseudonym and keep your own name private, then a single ISNI will be assigned to the pseudonym and no ISNI will be assigned to your actual name. Please make your preferences known in the “Additional Information” section of the application.

Can I apply for ISNIs on behalf of other people?

Yes. Unlike ISBNs or ISRCs, ISNI numbers are not “owned” by anyone in particular. If you have sufficient information to apply for ISNIs on behalf of others, you may do so. If you have clients or employees who require ISNIs, you may apply for them.

What’s the turnaround for ISNI assignment?

Individual applications are processed and invoiced within 1 week (often earlier). Bulk applications take somewhat longer, but the turnaround time is generally 2 weeks, depending on the size of the file.

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